Struggling with an out of control dog?

Does Your Dog...

  • Embarrass you by jumping on guests?
  • Drag you down the street on leash?
  • Chew up your stuff?
  • Play too rough with your kids?
  • Beg at the table or steal food?
  • Growl, lunge and bark at strangers or other dogs?

We can help!  Real world solutions that work for families' real lives!

We'll Train Your Dog With You or For You; At Our Facility or in Your Home on Your Schedule!

Contact Us Today and Let Cincinnati and Oxford’s premier dog training and dog behavior experts design a fast, fun, effective training program for your dog!

Family-Centered Training

family-centeredWe designed our dog training programs to solve regular pet owner's real-life problems. We know what it's like to train a dog in a busy family, and we know how to make it work. We involve the whole family in training and even young kids get great results with our fast, fun, effective training techniques.

Trust the Behavior Professionals Recommended by Veterinarians & Other Experts

homepage1In addition to over 19 years of experience training thousands of dogs, our owners are nationally recognized leaders of the profession. Jeff is a past president of the world's largest association of animal behavior professionals and both Mel and Jeff have served on its board of directors. We also train trainers and other animal professionals by lecturing, writing and consulting for veterinary clinics and animal shelters on dog behavior.

Aggression, Separation Anxiety, and Fearful Dogs

aggression-fearful-dogThese problems require specialized training that's very different than obedience training. Our certified behavior consultants specialize in these problems and provide: Honest Expert Evaluation of your dog's behavior including risk assessment and a step-by-step custom plan for changing the behavior. Safety First: We give you a personalized plan for keeping everyone - human and canine - safe during the training process. Veterinary Partnerships: Medical problems frequently play a role in these problems. Training Tracks works closely with referring veterinarians to ensure that your dog gets everything he needs to overcome his behavior problem. Learn More...  

Our Services

Dog Obedience Classes
In-Home Training
We'll train your dog with your or for you wherever and whenever you need us.
Puppy Training
Get off to a great start with your puppy! Stop problems before they start.
Board & Train
Your dog lives with 2 professional dog trainers in our home like a member of our family.
Behavior Consulting
Expert help for problems like aggression, shyness, fear and separation anxiety.